SAS SRL, established in Ricardo Balbin 2976, (9420) Rio Grande, Tierra del Fuego Province, Argentina, is presented as a company with innovative ideas in the development of our activities, and complying with regulations on quality and safety, according to ISO 9001, ISO 14000 and OSHAS 18000, in full accordance with our preparation. We are professionals with over 20 years of experience in different industries, who will carry out the organization, administration, management and services of:


  • Measurements and maintenance by thermographic techniques.
  • Measurements and maintenance of grounding, continuity, quality of electric power (studying parameters like: voltage, current, frequency, power factor, harmonic content, thermographic measurements, etc.)
  • Development and maintenance of electro-mechanical control systems applicable to any industry, such as PLC systems, monitoring systems, control and safety valves, control panels, electrical distribution panels to 33 KV., and other complementary activities.
  • Maintenance and commissioning of control systems, fire and gases detection, applicable to all types of industries.
  • Servicing and maintenance of alternative energy generation such as wind and solar power, etc.
  • Providing personnel with enough “know how” to develop activities such as electro-instrumentation and electricity in different business for the oil and gas industry and other industrial applications.


SAS SRL was born from making reality the projects of a group of professionals who have created the foundations of our company, seeing the weaknesses and strengths that exist in our county, more precisely in Rio Grande, Tierra del Fuego. It is our thought that the success of our Company is directly determined by the perception that our customers have of our services, in relation to their expectation and what our competitors can offer, so SAS SRL believes that the quality perceived by our customers is composed of:

  • The result of the service
  • The fulfillment of the services
  • Reliability of the service provided
  • Technical assistance
  • The guarantee of our services
  • Our attitude and ability to help our customers solve their problems
  • Respect for Health and the Environment

Bearing in mind these precepts, SAS SRL has developed a Management System Manual, which refers to the principles on which our Company bases its Quality Management, Environmental Management and the Safety Management and Occupational Health and how each of us, who are part of SAS SRL, must participate actively to achieve excellence in meeting our objectives.


South Automation & Services SRL is associated with IRAM and AEA as part of its strategy of participating with organizations creators of norms and standards, as we share the same objectives of technological innovation, quality and safety in our common goal.

We´re a Green Friendly Company